About White Open | Interview Stefan Reinert, Founder

Question: Tell us about yourself, what are you passionate about?

Answer: I am a passionate tennis player and I appreciate good style in fashion. Before White Open I had no prior knowledge of the sports fashion industry but I asked myself ‘why can I not find fashionable and functionable clothes in the sport I enjoy and love’, and I decided to change that.

Question: How did you come up with the idea for White Open?

Answer: I grew up in a tennis-loving family. My parents, siblings and I spent the summers on tennis courts throughout my childhood. Tennis is a great sport: you’re outside in the fresh air, you never give up on a ball, you leave your sweat on the court, play your best game, and at the end of the match you shake hands and have a beer and a laugh afterwards. So that’s a pretty special perspective towards life for me, and there is also a lot of style in it, athletic of course and also sportsmanship. The ’a-ha moment’ was when I held an old knitted tennis sweater from my father, a vintage piece, that I decided I want to revive.

Question: What style does White Open represent?

Answer: Traditionally, white is the predominant color on the tennis court. I like these origins, supplemented with navy, aqua, red, possibly green, but not multi-coloured. I just want elegance, classic timeless design and perfect cuts. The quality and functionality of the materials is also very important. I wear the Jackets on-court, but also off-court – and by the way, they’re also perfect for the golf course.

Question: Can you say something about the production process and the materials used?

Answer: We have four children, all of whom play tennis, and the responsible use of natural resources is very important to me. This means that wherever possible and compatible with our demands on the quality and functionality of the materials used, we pay attention to sustainability. “Manufactured in Europe” is very important to us. We produce the majority of the pieces in Portugal and the knitted parts are manufactured by a specialist in Bulgaria. All of the fabrics, trimmings and  buttons come from Europe. I also believe that true sustainability occurs when I buy tennis clothing that excites me and is relevant for many years to come, but this is only guaranteed with timeless design and uncompromising quality.

Question: Let’s talk about your target group. Which tennis players are you focusing on?

Answer: These are active athletes who play tennis several times a week and all-year round and want to wear their classic, timeless clothing style not only on the way to the court, but critically, on the court as well. Tennis players who are discerning in terms of style and who would rather not compromise between function and style.

Founder Stefan Reinert

Good to know:

  • White Open is a German brand
  • The collection is designed in Munich
  • For the collection we use high-quality fabrics and accessories (buttons, threads, elastics) exclusively from Europe, and mainly from Germany, Italy, France and Denmark
  • Where possible, we use fair-trade, animal- and environmentally friendly materials and processes
  • The materials for our Classic Polo Shirts and Classic Jackets are mulesing-free merino wool as well as cationic polyester. Mulesing-free merino wool is an important guideline for the ethical treatment of animals. Cationic polyester can be dyed together with the wool at a lower temperature than conventional polyester thereby reducing energy consumption
  • The shorts and skirts are made from a cotton Gabardine mix from the ‘Eco Green Collection’ (recycled wool and recycled polyester) of a renowned Italian yarn manufacturer
  • The yarn for our Classic Pullover comes from an Italian producer with 120 years of history and experience
  • Most of the production takes place in Portugal, and the knitted pieces are manufactured by a specialist in Bulgaria